The Difference is Personalization.

The family of Shamir Autograph® Freeform™ lenses are custom-made, personalized and created to the highest level of optical accuracy.Pairing lens surface topography data with proprietary mathematical algorithms, Shamir virtually eliminates unwanted astigmatism, swim and peripheral distortions by providing maximized fields of vision.

Shamir Autograph®  Family of Freeform® Lenses

Progressive Addition Lenses
Shamir Autograph® combines the most advanced optical technologies to create an innovative personalized Freeform® PAL. Each customized lens created is optimized for the patient's Rx, fitting measurements and frame dimensions.

Single Vision
These lenses unlock the advantages of Freeform Technology®. Each lens is created using an back surface customized to the frame dimensions and fitting information for the patient. This results in improved visual clarity and cosmetic appearance, especially in higher prescriptions.

Attitude (Single Vision & PAL)
Shamir Autograph® Attitude is the only lens design engineered to offer the patient all the benefits of Digital surfacing technology in a wrap-around sport or designer frame.

​The first ever personalized Freeform® occupational PAL. The variable/customized dynamic power increase in this lens provides clearer and larger intermediate and near viewing zones.

Personalized to a Patient's Lifestyle and Choice of Frame
The Shamir Autograph®  family of lens designs comes perfactly matched to the optical needs of the patients: first time and experienced progressive lens wearers, single vision patients, work-specific lenses and those who wear wrap-around frames (Attitude). That's because the Shamir Autograph®  family of lenses incorporate patented Freeform Technology®, Eye Point Technology® and Prescriptor® to produce the optimal custom made pair of lenses.

Shamir's Autograph® lenses are fabricated without molds. Each design starts with a spherical lens wich is digitally surfaced to the exact design and prescription. Incorporating frame measurements optimize the overall performance of the lens and produce a personalized lens for each patient.